Pool Rules (Summer 2019)

  • Pool hours - 8 am - 10 pm;
  • Gates cannot be propped open or hindered from locking for any reason.
  • Swim Diapers on children not toilet trained; NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • No pets inside pool enclosure;
  • No running, pushing, or horse play; this includes skateboarding!
  • Refrain from offensive behavior, i.e., cursing, drunkenness, public displays of affection not appropriate for children, etc.;
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol will result in your removal from the pool; this can be determined by any homeowner and will be enforced by Cherokee County Sheriff's Dep't;
  • All beverages must be in non-breakable containers: NO GLASS CONTAINERS in the pool area;
  • Permanent or temporary shelters, decorations, etc., are prohibited without the express written approval of the board; and, then, all items must be removed when leaving the pool, each day;
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult;
  • All guests must be accompanied by the homeowner they are visiting.
  • No grilling inside the pool area;
  • Smoking in designated areas only; Smoking prohibited inside the pool enclosure and on the deck;
  • Do not hang towels or other items from the fence surrounding the pool or the deck rails;
  • Items left at the pool for more than 48 hours will be disposed of;
  • Please do not store personal items in the restrooms;
  • The use of extension cords in the pool area is prohibited;
  • If you make a mess, please clean it up. Do not leave food behind and place trash in the appropriate receptacles.
  • The volume of radios must be kept to a minimum; headphones are encouraged;
  • Phone use is limited to 5 minutes. This phone is not for private use, but emergencies; abuse will result in 911 services only;

Questions or comments? Please e-mail River Plantation
Date Last Modified - 5/15/2019