November, 2003

Volume 3: Issue 2      

Text Box: Hello fellow neighbors!  I am excited to tell you about the several new additions to our communications committee.  We welcome Aubree Tong, Michael Moore, Debbie Platt, Scott Northway, and Doug Owsley.  Our new board representative is Kelley Graham.  Thank you all for your time and efforts in creating this newsletter!

Collectively, the members of our committee have thought of many new ideas for the newsletter. You will notice The River Review, a column that will contain Text Box: reviews from our fellow neighbors about restaurants, music, movies, websites… you name it.  Another new column is The River Rambler, our “vent” section.  Something bugging you?  Let us hear it! Michael Moore is providing information for those of  you who love antiques  in Antique Corner and he is also heading up our senior section, called Wonder Years.  We are also adding “Dear Tabi”, which is like a Dear Abby.

Also,  please contribute your recipes because we will be compiling them and making Text Box: our very own River Plantation Cookbook! 

We need your input for these new sections!  Have something you’d like to recommend (or tell us to steer clear of)? Something bugging you and you’d like to vent? Have a question for Dear Tabi? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Send your ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, and recipes to

Meridith Zelaya

Letter From the Editor

Where is the Directory?

The River Plantation Reporter

A Newsletter of the River Plantation Community

March 2004

Volume 4, Issue 1

The members of the River Plantation Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors are:

Al Tong – President (120 River Marsh Lane-678-445-5699).

David Warden- Vice President (506 Lazy River Lane 770-633-5142)

Kelley Graham - Secretary (1079 River Plantation Drive 770-591-2226)

Carmine DiSclafani – Treasurer (116 River Marsh Ln-678-445-0648)

Katherine Cressler – Board Member at Large (127 River Marsh Lane-770-592-5134)


Access Management:

Lindsay Malone: 770-777-6890 ext 114


The River Plantation Reporter is a newsletter published quarterly by volunteer homeowners for the entire River Plantation community. The Communications Committee is responsible for the content and production of the newsletter. Interested parties can contact Meridith Zelaya at 678-445-6427 or with comments or if you are interested in volunteering. Please feel free to recommend content for inclusion in the newsletter. All suggestions are welcome.